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20 Nov 18
مكاري بعد لقائه المطران عودة: الحل الوحيد لتشكيل الحكومة هو اتباع الدستور


Lebanon is proud of its educated, cultured and open-minded human capital and, like its green and fertile land, Koura has also played its part in producing many distinguished sons and daughters, a reflection of its many schools and universities, including the prestigious Balamand University. Attracting the finest academics and specialists, as well as students from all backgrounds and faiths with a thirst for learning, Koura has made a name for itself as a center of research and dialogue among cultures. Our priority is maintaining Koura's tradition of educational excellence by sowing the seeds of distinction and reaping them for future generations. This is our duty and our contribution to the national growth.

Job Creation

Hard working, loyal and productive, the native of Koura can be a successful manager, a dedicated farmer, an honest merchant, and a creative industrialist. It does not matter if he or she works in Lebanon or, like many Lebanese, has sought opportunities abroad; the same values of hard work apply. Our goal is to instill, in the people of Koura, a sense of belonging. We want to encourage economic activity to create jobs and increase our contribution to the Lebanese economy as well as ensuring that our native sons and daughters do not have to travel far to find work and risk breaking ties with their region.

Pride in the Nation

If the destiny of Koura, in the geographic sense, is the way to the Cedars - the heart of the Lebanese flag - then in a national sense, Koura is the protector of the Cedar and we want it to stay like this. Koura is an essential ingredient of the nation. The people of  Koura have given a lot, and are willing to give more, for a free, independent, sovereign and united Lebanon, a country of institutions and the rule of law, a bridge between East and West, open to all civilizations, nations and cultures. Furthermore, the Koura stands as a model of coexistence, accommodating all sects and groups. In Koura, the phrase Kuluna Lil Watan is not just a sentence in the national anthem, but a mantra to work for Lebanon and defend it from foreign aggression. The people of Koura played a major role during the Cedar Revolution, and they continue to show that that flame of patriotism still burns bright in northern Lebanon.