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20 Nov 18
مكاري بعد لقائه المطران عودة: الحل الوحيد لتشكيل الحكومة هو اتباع الدستور

14 articles serve as the cornerstone of the electoral program of the "March 14" coalition:

1. The protection of Lebanon from Israeli attacks and the retrieval of Shebaa Farms through the full execution of Resolution 1701.

2. The imposition of the state authority over all its lands according to the Taёf Accord so that "there are no weapons besides those of the state's"

3. The termination of the disagreement with Syria which adopted since 1974 the policy of military neutralization and establish normal and friendly ties with it according to the Taёf Accord and common interests. This requires the termination of Syrian intrusion in Lebanese affairs and the continuation of diplomatic ties and the demarcation of borders between the two states starting from Shebaa farms. This also requires settling the issue of Lebanese prisoners in Syrian jails and the termination of military bases located outside Palestinian refugee camps but is under Syrian operatives. Reconsidering unjust agreements made during the Syrian tutelage era will also be required.

4. To keep Lebanon in harmony with the international community based on the UN charter and the international resolutions, as well as avoiding any confrontation with the international community for sectarian reasons contradicting its effective interest and for tensed slogans that does not reflect its pluralism, and to reactivate coexistence in Lebanon.

5. Getting back the traditional role of Lebanon among Arab countries contributing to the achievement of an Arab solidarity that is the first condition for the Arabs to have their rights, and the commitment to support the Palestinian people's struggle and unity under the leadership of the PLO to attain an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital, following the "two states" solution and the Arab peace initiative.

6. The full commitment to refuse the resettlement of the Palestinian brothers in Lebanon, and approving the law project for a constitution amendment proposed by March 14 MPs regarding this subject 6 months earlier and that requires the unanimity of the parliament in order to amend the constitutional article of the resettlement.

7. The completion of the establishment of the state and its institutions, after the charter of coexistence, with the application of the Taef agreement and the constitution, reaching a democratic state that ensures equality between the citizens in rights and duties despite their sectarian affiliation. The initiation of a new electoral law reducing the electoral age to 18.

8. To commit to the requirements of the international tribunal for Lebanon to unveil the truth and to establish justice, immunizing Lebanon's sovereignty, putting an end to the political assassinations.

9. Procure the necessary moves insuring the comeback of all displaced finalizing the file completely.

10. Protecting Lebanon and the Lebanese from the world financial crisis, preserving the monetary stability, keeping the inflation at law rates, and to profit from Paris 3 conference.

11. To commit to economical, financial and monetary policies in all fields and throughout Lebanon, eliminating the inconvenient in front of investments giving the priority to projects insuring quality job opportunities to the Lebanese.

12. Giving a bigger role to the woman in the social, economical and political life, and to enable the woman legally after law amendments especially that of the elections.

13. To commit to the Lebanese expatriates in the world supporting the independence of Lebanon, its sovereignty and prosperity, ensuring they have the same duties and rights as the local inhabitants, giving them the opportunity of investing and working in Lebanon.

14. Giving additional care to the environmental issues in Lebanon with a national strategy to apply the laws regarding this subject