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20 Nov 18
مكاري بعد لقائه المطران عودة: الحل الوحيد لتشكيل الحكومة هو اتباع الدستور

The 2009 elections are not about choosing individuals, but rather about consolidating principles of fundamental importance to Lebanon's survival, sustainability and uniqueness. Therefore we declare our commitment to abide by following principles:

1 - We in Koura, believe that Lebanon is a special and unique country and that its 10,452 km2 are a home for all Lebanese. Thus all Lebanese should spare no effort to preserve its freedom, sovereignty and independence. Koura has been - and will always remain - a central element of the pro-independence and pro-sovereignty movement. The people of Koura, no matter what age, will not rest until Lebanon becomes a fully-fledged state, one that will realize the ambitions of its people, make them feel secure and grant them their rights and their dignity as citizens who are proud of their heritage.

2 - Koura is a region of co-existence, a place where churches and mosques stand side by side and where the dialogue of civilizations is a reality, in practice as well as theory. Koura is a model of tolerance and pluralism; its people characterized by a sense of service, love, sacrifice and devotion in preserving their county's sense of uniqueness and authenticity.

3 - All Koura's decisions emanate from its people, those who know best what serves their interests. We take pride in the fact that Koura and its people are renowned for their peaceful nature. Koura's wealth does not only lie in olive trees, but also in its olive branches. Yet this does not mean at all that it is afraid to express its will freely and with conviction.

4 - Koura has the highest levels of education in Lebanon - perhaps in the whole world. Indeed, it has been characterized for decades by its profusion of pioneering schools and various seats of higher learning. It is also the only region outside Beirut's suburbs to have witnessed the establishment of a pioneering university - the University of Balamand - which was set-up by the Orthodox Church as a gift to the region and Lebanon as a whole. Therefore, we emphasize the right of the people of Koura to an education - higher or otherwise - so that they can be a cornerstone for the national growth and we promise to spare no effort to achieve this end.

5 - We believe that politics is a means rather than an end, and we realize that political enmity can undermine the foundations of our homeland. Accordingly, and since our homeland comes first, even before politics, I call upon you to reach an agreement on a new political pact that starts here and now from Koura: let us agree on the fact that there is no enmity in politics, but only a divergence of opinions against a backdrop of mutual respect. Also, let us agree on the fact that any political competition is momentary and ends on the eve of the June 7 elections. The next day will signal the start of a new era of cooperation where all efforts are unified to promote Koura on all levels. Let us be like a rainbow, let our beauty lie in our differences, which join in a single beam of light that rejects the darkness around it. Koura is beautiful and has room for everyone without their being any need to cancel out one another. We are all here to serve Lebanon's interest.

6 - The Koura of greenness, the Koura of vineyards, olive trees and plentiful earth, deserves that we protect its environment, preserve its clean water and air and fight pollution everywhere. This sacred duty should take precedence over personal and political interests and deserves to be at the top of the list of priorities of every one of Koura's inhabitants.

7 - Let us not forget Koura's women, be they mothers, sisters, wives, doctors and teachers. Whatever they do, they represent Koura as fully-fledged members of society. We will always strive to make their voice heard and promote the role they play in daily life.

8 - Koura is region of excellence, culture and civilization, from science to literature, politics and so on. It is our duty to respect our elders as they represent important branches of Koura's heritage. Generation after generation, Koura has derived its wealth from its roots, its media and its prominent natives, all of whom are jewels in its proud crown. It is in this spirit that we must pay a special tribute to Patriarch Ignatius IV, the current primate of the autocephalous Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, founder and former dean of the Balamand Orthodox Theological Seminary and a man in whose heart Koura has a special place.