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2 Dec 16
فريد مكاري: لن أترشح... وقاعدتي أقرب إلى القوات
1 Dec 16
مكاري: «الثنائي الشيعي» يتوجّس من «الثنائيــة المسـيحية»

Inspired by the green olives of Koura and the greatness of Lebanon - a country of which we are proud to be citizens - this site has been established for serious dialogue and cultural interaction. As we are living a critical period in Lebanese history, a period during which we expect the June 2009 parliamentary elections to shape our future, we have updated this site to include our electoral vision and goals.

We thank you for visiting the website and we hope that, as Farid Nabil Makari hopes, you give us your feedback to help develop, not just Koura and the North, but Lebanon as a whole.


Thank you

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